I have a Grandson who was diagnosed as "ADHD" when he was only six years old and one of the drugs used to treat him was Zoloft. I watched him change from a happy go lucky little boy to a child I hardly recognized. He would become angry for no apparent reason or he would be almost zombie like. We just never knew what he would do. As I watched your trial I was taken back those many years ago and remembered the agony of this family as we watched him struggle just to survive. Thankfully we finally got him off that medication and he is now 19 years old and is in college.



A doctor decided I needed an anti-depressant after being diagnosed with CFS ( Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I took ONE Zoloft and spent the better part of that night arguing with a hallucinated image of the Angel of Death or whatever it was that I saw in my mind's eye that walked right through the wall and into my living room. My mind struggled with this image for what seemed like an eternity. Fear cluthed my throat so hard I could barely breathe. The image of that Zoloft induced Hallucination was so intensly real I can still it today.

The next 8 to 10 hours was an absolute battle to control my own mind and overcome the Death I was imagining had come for me. I paced the floors, going from my youngest sons bedroom to my own bedroom desperatly seeking something secure to focus my thoughts on. After about 7 hours of enduring this struggle of imagined life and death I finally passed out from sheer exhaustion after curling up as tightly as possible in the fetal position in my own bed hoping the voices would stop. I know for a fact it was the drug Zoloft that did that to me if for no other reason than that was the only time in my life I have endured such a frightening, gut wrenching experience as that was.


Several years later I pulled up in my mothers driveway only to find it full of emergency vehicles and my mother surrounded with people trying to console her. I had called my folks earlier that day to tell them I had an appointment in the city and would be coming out to have a late lunch with them afterwards.

My dads lifeless body was still laying outside the bedroom window when I arrived, my mother was sitting in a lawn chair sobbing and after letting her know I was there I went inside the house. Inside the bedroom I saw where he had been fiddling around with different guns apparently trying to decide which one to use as several of the guns had been loaded and unloaded several times by the looks of the neatly stacked cartridges beside each gun. On a hunch I went into the kitchen and laying right on the table was a list of my dads daily medicine. There was something for mild pain, his blood pressure pills and a few of the other medicines he took regularly.


Beside his regulare medicine was a nearly full bottle of zoloft he had been recently been prescribed. My heart sank when I saw those pills. I knew right then and there why he had killed himself. He had been taking Zoloft. There was no other explaination why a relativly active and basically healthy 74 year old man would do such a thing to himself. I suspected the zoloft because of my own nightmarish experience with the effects of that god forsaken "brain poison". The drug companies will stop at nothing to keep on making money and most, if not all of us do not have the resources to make them pay for the heinous crimes they are committing to innocent families everyday. Furthermore, on that same day I spoke with the woman next door. She told me that my dad had talked to her about how his medications were bothering him but wasnt sure which one it was.

She was also on Zoloft at that time and admitted she had been hearing voices telling her all sorts of terrible things.


When I spoke with her several weeks later she told me that after seeing my dad laying there in the yard after blowing his own head off with a 20 guage shotgun and after remembering their conversation through her own drug induced fog how she had stopped taking the Zoloft and within a few days the voices stopped and she strted feeling better about herself again. Zoloft is poison. It kills people and will continue to kill people as long as it is still being prescribed by unsuspecting doctors to unsuspecting patients who both sincerely believe it will help them to feel better about themselves.


I do not know if this will help you in  any way other than to know that you are not alone in your belief. Christopher IS innocent of any wrong doing. It was not his fault. He was a 12 year old boy trapped in a drug induced hallucination he is probably still very afraid to open up and talk about. Tell him its ok to talk about the things he has seen and heard in his mind when on that terrible drug. help him to heal inside and to understand that he would never have done such a thing on his own. the circumstances surrounding what happened is clear proof of his integrity. He was merely obeying something greater than himself that he could not understand....period. He should be at home and not in jail...only an ignorant fool would think  otherwise. If that prosecutor needs evidence...tell him to take that poison for a while.A little first hand experience should clear this right up because Zoloft kills. I have no doubt what so ever that Zoloft is behind more deaths than we are even remotely aware of. thank you for having this site and allowing me the opportunity to speak up about something that has been bothering me for a long time.



In my senior year in high school I was diagnosed as being severely depressed and put on medication. The first medication that I was on I took for 5 months and it made me really aggressive. My friends and family noticed the change and I told my doctor about it and she changed my meds. After that I was fine. I am normally a very passive person and will let just about anything fly. But the medication made me really aggravated and aggressive toward my friends and family and it seemed that I wasn’t overcoming my depression. I just got done watching the 48 hours investigation on the Discovery Times Channel and felt a connection with Chris. I felt that I had to write this to let you know that Chris is not the only one out there that had these side effects. I think there should be a study done to see how many people that take antidepressants have increased aggression. The problem is that the pharmaceutical industry has deep pockets and many lobbyists. I hope this helps in some way.



My son experienced serious side effects from taking Zoloft.  He was 7 at the time.  He spoke of death and dying, and was completely out of control. His anger and defiance were extreme.  We could not convince the pediatric neurologist to take him off the medication, so we spoke with the family Dr. who agreed to wean him off of the medication.  Symptoms very quickly went away--never to return.  This drug is dangerous in small children.


I pray for Chris, and I follow the story.  My wish that these drug companies would be held accountable, and shame on them for allowing this child to be the scapegoat.



My wonderful sweet husband just got off of Zoloft.  It made him turn into a different, person with violent thoughts.  Luckily we found out it was the meds before it was too late.  I pray that Chris will get justice and people will realize what these meds are doing to people.


Comments from another Chris site:

I want to say first of all that I believe Chris Pittman in innocent. I also believe that SSRIs can be dangerous. I began experiencing depression in late summer of 2004. At the time I lived in Wilson, NC and went to my family doctor who prescribed Welbutrin. I was told to start on the lowest dose for three days then start taking the higher dose. The first few days went very well. On the second day, I travelled to Greenville, SC to spend my four days weekend with my parents. The next Sunday was the fourth day and I started the higher dose.


That entire day, I ate almost nothing. I knew that I needed to eat and that my stomach hurt but when I tried to eat I could not. By the time night arrived, I was just tired and wanted to sleep, hoping that the second day of higher dose would be a little easier. However, I found that my mind was racing. I was not thinking about anything in specific, but the 'noise' in my mind would not let me sleep. Not too much after that, I heard a little girl giggling in my room (again, all in my mind). This came and went for about ten minutes. At some point, I finally relaxed enough to get to sleep.


If it was not wild enough before, it got worse. I had a very vivid dream that I walked into my parents bedroom and saw them dead and covered in blood. I woke up and found myself frozen with fear that this was real. I became convinced that it was but I did not want to get up to go and look for myself. I will not apologize for my next comments as I am a christian and have strong belief. I prayed that night that God would make everything go away. Again, my mind got carried away from me. In my still half-dream state, a huge black tree grew up and covered the ceiling of my room and my prayers bounced back and shattered on the floor. My logical mind had been so closed off that this all made sense, yet part of my mind knew that this was not real. I finally got up the courage to slowly get out of bed an inch my way down the hall.


   Even as I reached the door to my parent's room, I still had to find the courage to actually speak words. The best I could do was to call for my mom and tell her I was scared. I felt so helpless at this point, yet I was 30 and had been out of my parent's house for 12 years. When she answered me, it was so relieving. I sat with her on the living room couch for about ten minutes. I tried to close my eyes, only to find that my mind immediately envisioned my hands wrapped around my mother's neck. I gasped and opened my eyes, afraid to close them again. After about thiry minutes, I relaxed enough to be able to go back to bed and finish the night.


   I called the doctor the next day and was told not to take anymore of the Welbutrin. The doctor put me on Paxil later that week and I had no further problems or similar issues. I have never been told that I have any mental issues other than depression. I also consider myself very mentally stable. I grew up very close to my parents and they have remained so even when I was in the Navy. I no longer take any medicine for or suffer from depression. I am 33 now and live in Greenville, SC.


Comments from another Chris site:

i am 27 years old and i live in New Philadelphia Ohio  i just got my morning paper and my coffee and sat down to do my every morning this i came across a story that grabed my attention i seen the smile of a sweet little boy at the age of 12  at first i had thought to myself  oh what has happened to this little child so i as i was reading the story tears had fell from my eyes this child is not a criminal but a victim i once too had been a victim of zoloft i was taking 180mg a day i had noticed a big change in my life i did things that i should not have done and i had no idea that i was doing them. i had evil thoughts in my head i had stoped the use of zoloft and do feel alot better if you could send my some info i would like to help as much as i can  thank you


My son, in January 2005, at the age of 8, was taken off of prozac, and put on Zoloft.  My sweet son, who was having issues with a divorce his father and I were going through, who was all animals best friend, who would help a friend in need anytime, anywhere....suddenly became this vicious mean child.  Between January and February, I was fearful of my life.  Not because of anything that Mr. Pittman did, or that I heard about, but from my own experiences.  I took all knives and placed them on the top shelf of my closet, locked away.  Even butter knives.  Forks, I would put up in the kitchen, out of his reach.  Glass cups were no longer around, I only used plastic.  My son had to sleep in my bed so that I could feel the bed move when he got out of it. 


This 8 year old child, who was put on Zoloft, when he (and no other child) should never have been put on it, became a violent child who doesn't remember much of what he did.  He would go to school, and daily I would get a phone call.  I think for me, the final day he took Zoloft, was the day when he picked up a chair or desk at school, and tried to hurt another kid with it.  It was most likely a chair, but for some reason desk is sticking in my mind.  I do remember that this other classmate of his did nothing more then hand my son a paper with a C on it.  That was it.  And my son, at age 8, having never shown this type of temper until January (middle, and this happened early February), picked up this chair, swung it around, and hit another child.  Without cause, without provocation.  When I got to the school, his only response was "I didn't mean to, I didn't know what I was doing".  I took him off Zoloft that day.  I phoned his psychiatrist, made sure that he wouldn't die from me taking him off it so suddenly, and they strongly urged me against it.  But I took him off cold turkey. 


That day, my son was expelled from school.  He was, and understandably so, no longer allowed at that school.  I was faced with finding a school that would take a violent child, who was calming down by the day.  My only options were a private school, or the school district school for "bad and troubled kids" which wasn't an option in this school district. 


Has my son hurt another child since that day?  No.  Have I feared for my life in regards to thinking my son would kill me?  Not since February 2005, and never once before January 2005. 


I am a single mother who went through a few months of hell with my son.  But that doesn't even compare to what Christopher Pittman goes through.  He's got more than just a few people on his side.  I never, not once, thought that a 12 year old who was on Zoloft would have the mind of his own to do what he is accused of.  Zoloft is an evil drug, and if I could, I would do everything I could to have that drug never prescribed.  I've done a tiny bit, not much at all, but I've told other parents about what happened to my son, and in one case, a mother then took her child off Zoloft, and amazingly her child was no longer "evil" either.  I dont' care what Pfizer says.  Zoloft should NEVER be prescribed for children. Heck, there is (Was?) only one drug that is "safe" for children as an anti-depressant.  Prozac.  That is it.  Nothing else is safe as an anti-depressant in children.  At least in 2005 that was the way it was. 


My son and I ended up moving from Texas back to California, near my family.  He's not needed anti-depressants since (and I refused to put him on them for quite some time after the Zoloft incidents). 


Comments from another Chris site:



Comments from another Chris site:

I remember the case when it happened.


At the time I thought, "Zoloft right".


Let me tell you my physician put me on Zoloft and it took about three weeks for my to become psychotic and I'm a 50 year old woman.


I have three children and I don't make a lot of money but please let me know if I can do anything for the Pittman boy.  


The jury should have been placed on Zoloft before they made they decision.   Unless you've experience it you simply cannot believe its' effect.


Comments from another Chris site:

Our local paper carried an AP article about your work on behalf of Mr. Pittman. I am a Clinical Psychologist and in the early 90's was involved with a similar case. Obviously, I cannot discuss the case. However, I can tell you that after almost a decade of incarceration, there was a rather famous attorney who got involved in the case. He was very helpful, and due to his work and the work of others, the individual was ultimately released.