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4/14/2008 Supreme Court Turns Down Pittman Zoloft Case

12/18/2007 Law School Clinic Asks U.S. Supreme Court

11/20/2007 Attorney General Argues Teen "Gambled" on Guilty Plea

10/26/2007 Teenager gets new lawyer for civil trial

6/12/2007  Pittman Ruling Upheld

6/11/2007 Timeline

4/18/2007 The New Face of Antidepressants?

4/16/2005 Jurors find teenager guilty of murdering his grandparents

4/07/2007 Supporters Rally Around Convicted Teen

8/30/2006 Pittman Case

8/30/2006 Pittman Appeal Could Be Heard in October

7/14/2005 Call For Drug-Violence Investigation

5/29/2006 Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline Help Send Kids To Prison

4/6/2006 Pittman Transfer to Adult Prison Delayed

2/26/2005 US Jury Finds that Antidepressant Did Not Cause Boy to Kill

9/29/2004 Drug maker memo cited risks to youth

7/23/2004 Boy's Murder Case Entangled in Fight Over SSRIs

12/4/2004 Troubled teen contends antidepressants drove him to kill

5/22/2004 Pittman defense wants access to drug documents

12/01/2003 National Program to Discuss Chris Pittman

10/27/2003 Judge Could Send Teen Away for Life

10/26/2003 A Family's Tragedy