Christopher's grandmother, Delnora Duprey, has opened a savings account for Chris. Monies will be used for clothing, tuition, etc. Due to the fact that Chris was incarcerated when he was just 12 years old, he has nothing from his life before his arrest. He will have to start new with everything an adult would need including an education. Thanks to all who have contributed!

If you would like to send your donation directly to the bank:

Christopher Pittman
c/o Center State Bank
1017 S. Main Street
Wildwood, Florida 34785

Make be sure to write on your check : payable to Christopher Pittman. On the back please write "for deposit only"

If you are sending money to Chris' account and want Delnora to know you are sending funds, you may want to send it directly to her. This is the only way she will know who is sending money. Otherwise she just gets notice of a deposit and not who it's from. If that's okay with you then sending it to the bank will work just fine. If you need her address, please email me at .